Tata looking to add nicer Nano models to reverse sales flop

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Bloomberg reports Tata may introduce more expensive vehicles based on the automaker's low-buck Nano in an attempt to lure more buyers. As the company discovered, even the world's least wealthy drivers aren't interested in a vehicle marketed as the world's cheapest car.

Wrap your head around that one.

Tata has sold 229,157 Nano models since 2009, and last month saw sales fall by 86 percent compared to March 2012. Even so, the company says it doesn't plan to kill off the car. Instead, Tata may bring a number of Nano variations to market.

Those may include something along the lines of the Pixel Concept. That machine debuted at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, offering two doors and a diesel engine along with a bit more style. Specifically, Tata wants to target a wide range of buyers across multiple price points instead of attempting to sell people a four-wheeled scooter replacement.

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