Iron Man approves of the 2014 Audi R8

Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, has been a pretty loyal R8 guy in the movies – there was a coupe in his garage in the original film, and he conspicuously rocked a V10 Spyder in the sequel. One notable dalliance with a prototype Acura NSX in The Avengers notwithstanding, Audi's supercar seems like Stark's go-to choice when he's not flying around, be-suited.

The trend is set to continue in Iron Man 3, as well. Right as we were learning what Audi will be charging for a 2014 R8, this promo for the car and the movie has cropped up on YouTube. Called Canvas, the Audi spot is basically new R8 porn, peppered with movie quotes and shadowy clips. It's well worth the 56 seconds it takes to watch it, if only for the sound of the Audi V10 on full song. If you've got headphones, wear them.

Audi R8 Information

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