Ferrari executives pose around their new hybrid creatio... Ferrari executives pose around their new hybrid creation, the 963-hp La Ferrari, at the Geneva Motor Show. (AP photo).
Hybrid cars are the antithesis of powerful vehicles. They're compact. They're slow to accelerate. They appeal to fuel-saving sensibility instead of automotive grace.

At least that's what you think, right?

Along comes a car to shatter that conventional wisdom. On Tuesday, Ferrari unveiled its first-ever hybrid at the Geneva Motor Show, a luxury sports vehicle capable of producing 963-horsepower with its V-12 engine. It takes its driver from 0 to 60 in less than three seconds.

It's known simply as "La Ferrari." Chairman Luca Cordero de Montezemolo said the model was developed based off the company's experience in Formula One racing and would be the basis for all future models, adopting a system that recovers energy under braking. "It is an advanced laboratory for the Ferraris of tomorrow," he tells the Wall Street Journal.

La Ferrari is intended for the ultra-rich collector set. Although Ferrari didn't disclose the precise purchase price, it's believed to be approximately $1.3 million. Only 499 models will be produced – and they've already been sold to hand-picked buyers.

Unlike many green car customers, those lucky few probably aren't concerned with fuel economy. La Ferrari achieves 16.6 miles per gallon.

Which means in this case, if you've been dreaming of better fuel economy, your better bet is still the Toyota Prius.

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