There are untold amounts of primping and set up that goes on in the days leading up to an international auto show. Of course, there are exhibits to erect, lights to hang and scripts to rehearse. There are also cars to prep. Usually the latter involves little more than removing finger prints and dusting, but in the case of Maserati the day before the Geneva Motor Show press days, the process apparently includes banging on the sheetmetal of one of your prized showcars like a crazed woodpecker.

We're not sure what caused a surface irregularity in the door skin of this 2014 Quattroporte – perhaps shipping damage – but it was interesting (and mildly painful) to watch, and hear, a show prepper attempt to PDR repair this six-figure sedan with a jeweler's hammer, high-intensity light and soft cloth.

That'll buff right out.

Watch Maserati Get Its Quattroporte Ready For Geneva by Hammering on Sheetm

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