Jeep has been shuttling around Alfa Romeo-based test mules and camouflaged prototypes of its replacement for the current Liberty for some time now. Those heavily disguised vehicles may have offered a glimpse of the new Jeep, but a new set of production-line images from Jalopnik tell a much more complete story.

Jalopnik report indicates unequivocally that the Cherokee name will be re-upped in place of Liberty, though it doesn't spell out exactly where that thinking comes from, though a name change has been rumored for some time. Chances are good that the same source that delivered these factory images delivered the name, as well.

The Cherokee absolutely has some Alfa Romeo DNA in its makeup, the final product is far from looking like its Guilietta ancestor. The athletic, high-waisted design is relatively attractive from what we can see here, though the grille and headlight treatment are sure to cause a lot of ruckus when the Cherokee makes its official debut at the New York Auto Show in April. The very narrow, pointed headlamps are pinched in a not particularly Jeep-ish fashion, and the curved, short version of the seven-slot grille is far more rakish than anything that Jeep has produced to date.

The Cherokee name, plus some fairly high wheel arches, hint that the new Jeep may still carry the vaunted "Trail Rated" stamp of approval. Good news for those purists still fearful of Jeep brand dilution. Inside we see a dial for Jeep's Selec-Terrain drive management system, as well.

We expect to have much more information about the 2014 Jeep Cherokee, as we draw closer to its expected debut in New York. Until then, make sure to weigh in on our poll, below.

Jeep Liberty Information

Jeep Liberty

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