What's this? A yoga woman in seated pose praising oil companies and the billions in profits and huge government subsidies they get saying, with a radiant smile, "That's awesome!"

Two oil-drenched birds standing together. One of them chirps, "I love what this oil does to my feathers. They're so shiny!"

Two little girls just love how "oil crazy" grownups are. One of them says, "You're going to leave us with nothing but scary weather, no clean energy and no oil left. Good thinking!"

What the?!?

It's a snarky video ad called "We Love Oil!" (watch it below) that was released right before Valentine's Day by Fuels America. The group is a coalition of organizations committed to protecting the US Renewable Fuel Standard and praising the benefits of biofuels. Fuels America slings arrows at just about anything you can think of to take down Big Oil. That's because, the ad says, Big Oil will go just as far to stop any alternative – including the biofuels provided by the small and struggling biofuels industry (if you take Fuels America's side).

The yoga lady finishes the video with a plea for renewable fuels: "I mean, who wants renewable fuel sources anyway. Just because they create jobs that can't be outsourced. They protect the environment when we could stay dependent on a dirty, finite, climate warming, expensive fuel like oil. I hope we're stuck on oil forever. And ever. And ever." Her smile goes away and a message pops out of a broken heart: "Over Oil Yet?"

That line about biofuel jobs being impossible to outsource is pretty easy to prove false, but there's been no official response or scathing counter campaign yet from Big Oil.

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