The best deal ever on a $100,000 Fisker Karma? Just $500! Well, almost. The trick is that what we have here is the chance to buy a raffle ticket for $500 and then play the odds.

Captain Planet Foundation is offering a two-year lease on a Karma, and only 200 will be sold altogether (150 remain). Raffle sales end on tax day – April 15, 2013. The raffle tickets go to the foundation's Small Grants Program which provides "gap funding" for education programs aimed at empowering youth to become environmental stewards and global environmental change-makers.

The foundation was started in 1991 by cable TV tycoon Ted Turner and executive producer Barbara Pyle. The name comes from an animated TV show that Turner and Pyle started the previous year, "Captain Planet and the Planeteers." The Captain Planet Foundation has funded over 1,500 projects, including waste recycling, outdoor classrooms, organic gardens, native habitats and fruit orchards.

The foundation says that the Karma up for lease would retail for $120,000, and that the two-year lease offered by outlet Fisker Atlanta is a $50,000 value. The base price of the Fisker Karma is closer to $102,000.

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