Nick Turner, 18, tried to stop his car from being stole... Nick Turner, 18, tried to stop his car from being stolen. (KUSA)

A Colorado teenager was dragged down the road when he tried to stop someone from stealing his car from his driveway.

Nick Turner, 18, of Aurora was warming up his car in his driveway getting ready for school. He left his car running -- something Coloradoans call "puffing" but is also called "steamers" or "warmers" by police in other parts of the country -- and went back into the house to get his backpack. When he came back, he told Denver's KUSA he saw the car backing out of the driveway.

He tried to jump into the passenger side door, but was dragged down the road, scraping up his knee. Turner is fine, other than having a banged up knee and a missing car.

In the winter, car thieves often look for idling cars with steam coming out of the exhaust pipe and target them. In St. Louis, police have baited thieves with warming cars, tempting them to come steal vehicles and then promptly arresting them.

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