As the weather gets chillier, more and more thieves are targeting the easiest vehicles to steal: Those that are already running, unattended, while their owner stays nice and warm inside the house.

So police in St. Louis are using warming cars as bait to lure thieves into stealing a vehicle. They video the incident, and then track the driver down and arrest him, according to TV station KSDK.

Sometimes police will put high-priced items on the back seat and park the car in front of a shopping mall. Other times, the car is just parked along side a busy highway. St. Louis police say the bait program, which it has been running since 2004, has a 100 percent conviction rate.

Police around the country are warning drivers to be more wary about leaving their cars unattended while they heat up. That common way to beat the cold is called " steamers" by police in Renton, Wash.

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