Ford gets ready for 900 EV-certified dealers by this spring

2012 Ford Focus Electric
2012 Ford Focus Electric
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About one in three US Ford dealers will be certified to sell plug-in vehicles by this spring, as the automaker gets ready to increase sales of its Focus Electric vehicle and C-Max and Fusion Energi plug-in hybrids, Automotive News reports, citing the company.

Ford, which had 200 plug-in certified dealers in November, will expand that number to about 900 within the next couple of months. By then, Ford expects to be selling the Fusion Energi, which was recently tested to have a 620-mile range in combined EV and gas-powered modes.

While demand for Ford's hybrids helped boost the company's January alt-fuel sales almost fivefold from a year earlier, plug-in vehicle sales remain sluggish. C-Max Energi sales fell to 338 units from 971 in December, while the company moved just 81 Focus Electrics in January, compared to 167 the previous month.

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