As promised, Tesla has expanded its Supercharger network beyond California. As you might recall, Tesla's Supercharger stations can supply 150 miles of range to a Model S in only 30 minutes. After 30 minutes are up, the Supercharger continues as a high-speed charger, finishing up to full in about an hour. The new Superchargers now make it possible for owners to travel the 443 mile trip between Boston and Washington D.C. The two locations for the Superchargers are at rest stops in Milford, Conn. and Wilmington, Del. Future sites are planned, including some that run on solar power.

Tesla's plans are to put its Supercharging stations throughout the U.S. so that customers can drive across the country in their fully-electric cars. Tesla hopes that this offering will remove any range anxiety associated with EVs for Tesla owners.

[Source: Motor Authority]

TRANSLOGIC 113: 2013 Tesla Model S

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