, BYD and Toyota are among companies that may soon be supplying plug-in vehicles to Hong Kong's taxi fleet, the publication Energy and Capital reports.

With cabs accounting for more than 18,000 of Hong Kong's approximately 550,000 vehicles, adding plug-in vehicles to the city's fleet could help Hong Kong cut its pollution substantially. As of last April, just 310 of Hong Kong's cabs were plug-ins. Meanwhile, about 17 percent of the city's pollution stems from vehicle emissions, which is why the government is beginning to enact subsidies geared towards encouraging plug-in vehicle use.

Electric taxis are becoming a thing all around the world. Last October, New York City said it was launching a pilot program in which a half-dozen Nissan Leafs were added to the city's taxi fleet. And, last month, BYD said it would supply the Colombia capital city of Bogota with 49 e6 all-electric vehicles, which will be South America's first all-electric taxi fleet when it goes live during the first quarter of the year. BYD will also be adding about 50 EVs to London's taxi fleet this year. Have you taken a ride in one in your travels?

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