Toyota is expecting to see a sales increase of around two percent next year, according to Automotive News. The Japanese manufacturer is set to retake its position as the world's largest automaker this year, and 2013 may see the company's global sales step to 9.91 million vehicles. That figure includes sales from subsidiaries like Hino Motors and Daihatsu Motor Company. Much of that projection depends on US sales increasing to balance out a 15-percent decline in Japan. The Japanese government allowed subsidies for fuel-efficient vehicles to expire in September, and Toyota sales have slackened as a result.

Globally, new vehicle sales are expected to crest 80 million units for the first time in 2012 despite economic woes in the European Union. Next year, Toyota expects to see its overseas operations enjoy an eight percent rise in sales to 7.87 million units while Japanese deliveries are projected to decline to 2.04 million vehicles. The company predicts sales in Asia, meanwhile, will be driven largely by Indonesia. Interestingly enough, the company has not settled on a sales target for China.

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