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The List #0004: Conquer the Rubicon Trail

Throughout the course of the year, we've had Jessi and Patrick check off some big items on our list of 1,001 Car Things To Do Before You Die – things like lap the Nürbugring, drive over 200 miles per hour and race in the Baja 1000. But one item has been conspicuously absent: conquering the Rubicon Trail.

The ultimate test for off-roaders, the Rubicon Trail is a storied path over terrain that's practically inaccessible by 99.99 percent of production vehicles. Jeep, however, prides itself on selling products designed to traverse this granddaddy of off-road trails, and there are none so capable in its showroom as the Wrangler.

Jeep was kind enough to lend us a shiny, new Wrangler for this challenge, knowing full well it would not be returned unmolested, and to aid our intrepid hosts in their quest, we paired them with organizers of the famed Jeepers Jamboree, who were headed deep into Rubcon Springs for their annual bash. Unfortunately, the weekend turned somber with a reminder of just how dangerous off-roading can be, which in turn made Jessi and Patrick's exit from this adventure more dramatic than they had planned.

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