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The List #0200: Drive 200 MPH

We keep track of every idea that you submit for The List. Of the hundreds we get after each episode airs, one is without question at the top of everyone's list: drive 200 miles per hour.

Despite the first production car eclipsing 200 mph back in the mid-'80s, we thankfully aren't yet jaded by the feat. Unlike back then, however, more than a handful of today's cars can beat two bills if given enough runway.

That's exactly where Jessi and Patrick found themselves on the day we asked them to do the deed: the runways of the Mojave Air & Space Port near Mojave, CA. Eagle-eyed Autoblog readers will remember that this is one of the locations used by World Class Driving to conduct their 200MPH Challenge Experience. We should know; we've gone after the elusive two hundred twice now, falling short the first time but succeeding the second at this very location (check out the gallery from that experience below).

We enrolled Jessi and Patrick for a day's worth of double-hundy attempts in vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and new Ferrari 458 Italia. Each took their own shot at 200-mph glory, and one even discovered that reaching 200 mph is the easy part.

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