CarCharging Group, Inc. could one day expand its offerings into the wireless charging arena with an inductive charger in the shape of a parking bumper. Drivers would only have to park their electric car's wheels close to the charging apparatus, offering seamless and effortless charging.

The filing of a utility patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office describes just one of many public charging services offered by CarCharging. The company is also known for other projects and offerings, including its evCharge payment card that's accepted at EV charging stations around the country and turnkey EV charging services for property owners.

Inductive charging utilizes an electromagnetic field to transfer energy. To eliminate charging cords and couplers, the car needs to be parked in close proximity to the energy source providing electricity. Most of the wireless, inductive charging systems that are being developed are charging plates that EVs park on top of. Alignment needs to be done correctly for this charging method to work efficiently. Installation can get tricky at multi-level parking garages.

CarCharging plans to adapt the design to integrate with magnetic coupling offering by companies such as Qualcomm (pictured), Delphi, Siemens, Evatran and others that may enter the market. CarCharging also plans to incorporate the charging standard being developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers International to establish minimum performance and safety levels for wireless charging stations.

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