When we see an electric Volkswagen Beetle – aka, the Bug – towing the newfangled electric-powered range extender called an ebuggy, we'll be really impressed. In the meantime, we'll have to be satisfied that the Stuttgart-based ebuggy has been feted for its satellite navigation capabilities, according to Hybrid Cars.

In this case, ebuggy has won the European Satellite Navigation Competition 2012 for the Hessen region. Nokia, the European Space Agency and the German Aerospace Centre are among sponsors of the competition. Germany's Ministry of Economics and Technology helped fund the first ebuggy prototype.

Ebuggy was first promoted a few months ago as a way to provide "unlimited range" for electric vehicles on long highway journeys. Each battery-toting trailer, which can be swapped out at a network of relay stations, can more their electric vehicle to around 240 miles a pop. And the company's satellite navigation system helps manage the buggy fleet. Customers are billed based on energy used per month.

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