So you are one of the 6,309 lucky drivers to own the terrifically excellent BMW 1 Series M Coupe, but don't feel like it sets you apart enough from the rest of us? Well first, we have the tiniest violin in the world, ready to play a sad song. Once that is out of the way, BMW has some very unique gear for you. Pierre Leclercq, the Manager of Design for M Automobiles, has come out with a polo shirt that will be available only to 1 Series M Coupe owners. Each shirt will have the owner's name embroidered on the left sleeve, and the silhouette of their car will be emblazoned on the back of the shirt. It is is even stitched in the color of the owner's car!

The shirts are limited to one per vehicle, and owners are able to order a shirt by entering their VIN when placing the order online. Each shirt is produced as a one-off, specifically designed for the owner of said 1 M Coupe, making the act of wearing one a sort of 'secret handshake' for 1 Series M Coupe owners. Nice.

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