The highway patrol in New South Wales, Australia has a new toy. As part of a community outreach program, it has added a Ford Falcon GT to its stable of pursuit vehicles. Though the car has been fitted with the lights, radio and speed-monitoring tech of its more common cruisers, officers intend use the car more to reach out to young motorsports fans than to run down baddies. So far, it seems to be working. Police took the sedan to the Sydney Dragway at Eastern Creek, and the supercharged Falcon GT had no problem drawing a crowd.

As you may recall, the Falcon GT is the most powerful vehicle to ever roll out of Ford Australia. The four-door boasts 450 horsepower from the factory, though the pursuit model makes closer to 536 hp thanks to tweaks like a new fuel map and free-flowing exhaust. Throw in all of the law-enforcement tech, and this car has a final price tag of over $105,000 at current conversion rates.

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