The Lexus HS 250h was put to rest in the US at the beginning of this year, but it is apparently being offered a way back onto the mortal coil in the Japanese market. This is reputedly a picture of what the JDM-spec entry-level Lexus hybrid sedan will look like, and what a difference 11 months makes. It appears that only the front clip changed, the brand's new design language giving it much more visual oomph than the hyped-up hybrid Corolla look we were offered.

It doesn't hurt that the front treatment virtually clones the 2013 Lexus ES, the blacked-out center bar in the spindle grille adding some aggression to the smaller package. The rest of the slow-seller's exterior looks to be carried over largely as it was when it left us, and a report by Lexus Enthusiast indicates the model's resurrection is scheduled to go on sale in Japan by the end of this month.

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