Houston traffic reporter Jennifer Reyna missed an accident happening on the screen behind her as she was telling local residents the road was starting to clear up.

Reyna was giving a routine traffic report on KPRC-2, and switched views from the big Houston map to a camera showing firetrucks wrapping up from an early accident on Route 288 heading north into Houston. As she looked back at the green screen, she took her eyes off the monitor and told viewers the road was now clear. Right then, a car veered to avoid the firetrucks, smashed into what appears to be an SUV or minivan, and caused another serious accident.

"It's very rare that we catch an accident happen live on television," Reyna said. "I just can't believe I just missed it on the last one. But I took my eyes off for a split second to look back from our monitors and missed this accident that happened when we were clearing it in downtown Houston."

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