It's no secret that Porsche is bringing the next-gen Cayman to the Los Angeles Auto Show. The automaker can tease us all they want with word of a "new compact sports car," but we know what the score is: the new Cayman is on the way, and we're ready for it.
That said, no one has seen what the next-generation of the sub-911 coupe looks like... that is, until now. Photos of the new Cayman, taken by Instagram user "Frod1966," have popped up online. The hardtop Porsche was photographed in a warehouse of sorts, and still has the packing wraps on the headlights and taillights. It can be seen next to a 911 Coupe, so perhaps this duo is, in fact, on its way to the LA Show?

While design elements like the teardrop roof and pronounced rear fenders are retained from the outgoing model, the new Cayman features updates shared with the latest Boxster, such as the gaping air intake ahead of the rear wheels and a spoiler that melds seamlessly into the taillights.

While the base model of the Cayman will likely get the 265-horsepower 2.7-liter flat-six engine, the dual center tailpipes and larger front air intakes suggest that this may be the Cayman S, complete with a 3.4-liter boxer-six making 315 horsepower. But for now, its purely conjecture; you'll know for sure when we bring you coverage from the 2012 LA Auto Show in just two weeks!

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