apparently envisions a future with less "fun," but more happiness.

Late last year, Toyota unveiled an all-electric city concept vehicle called the "Fun-Vii" and has now revealed some more details about the car at the Sao Paulo Motor Show. For one thing, the thing has been renamed the iiMo.

"Future mobility life in 20XX," as Toyota puts it in the happy, nearly-five-minute video available below, means vehicle exterior and interior patterns that can be immediately customized as well as a virtual on-board "concierge," lots of navigation goodies and the ability to put the three-seater into a so-called "auto-pilot" lane with other like-minded vehicles. There's wireless recharging, natch, and drivers could even be able to compete in a "virtual circuit" videogame-like application that can be enacted behind the wheel.

Of course, Toyota didn't provide any details such as single-charge range, power or price for this flight of fancy. But by the look of the beatific folks in the video, those numbers will bring smiles to all involved.

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