The new 85-mile-per-hour toll road in Texas wasn't open a single day before it recorded its first accidents. Four accidents, to be exact, all caused by the same thing: wild hogs crossing the roadway. Though no serious injuries were reported, one of the vehicles was totaled.

The area through which State Highway 130 runs is ranch and farm land, on which packs of these feral pigs live and breed. Local news reports say the animals have become such a problem that Caldwell County offers a $2 bounty for hunting them. Local police officers even suspected the pigs might cause problems on the toll road, having recorded packs of them (video below) crossing the road a couple days before the highway opened.

The problem might also be poised to get worse as night begins to fall earlier and traffic on this new segment of SH 130 increases. Indeed, traveling on the toll road is temporarily free through November 11.

If you're traveling on SH 130, the best advice authorities have if you happen to come upon pigs in the roadway is "grip the wheel and keep going." Trying to avoid an accident can often make matters worse. Traveling at speeds lower than the road's fastest-in-the-nation 85 mph might not help either, as the time to respond may still not be enough to avoid an inadvertent bacon-making incident.

Drivers hit wild hogs on new section of SH 130

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