In a case of outsourced becoming insourced, 3,000 Hewlett-Packard employees who are devoted to General Motors IT issues will be swapping workplaces, moving to GM and becoming GM employees in order to work on IT issues.
The General wants to increase its speed of innovation and believes it can do that by hiring 10,000 IT workers and doing 80-percent more of its own IT work instead of using outside companies.

The plan calls for using HP software to accelerate the completion of tasks and delivery, which will save money. The new font of funds will be used to boost resources that aid innovation, and to open "innovation centers" in several states that will dedicate themselves to finding the next big things.

The first round of 3,000 employees should be integrated within six months, the ultimate goal of bringing 90 percent of company IT work in-house is expected to take five years.

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