Lonnie Shelton of Pampa, Texas has just become the proud new owner of a 1948 Lincoln Continental once owned by Babe Ruth himself. The hardtop coupe has the dark distinction being Ruth's last Lincoln. The legendary ballplayer was struck with cancer in 1947 and, after a brief period of remission, eventually succumbed to the disease. Before that, however, the Ford Motor Company honored Ruth for his efforts at promoting Little League Baseball by giving him this '48 Continental. Ruth spent many of his final days traveling behind the wheel of the Lincoln to various speaking engagements.

Shelton found the Continental in the Texas Museum of Automotive History, and while he typically favors muscle cars, the collector couldn't pass up the chance to own the significant piece of baseball's past. He won't disclose exactly how much he paid for the Babe's last ride, but you can get a closer look at the '48 Lincoln in the video below.

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