About a month ago, we brought you news of a monstrously powerful one-off from Koenigsegg called the Agera R BLT. At the time we reported that the car was being built for a Chinese man of some great wealth and that the $2 million price tag represented the floor for a custom job like this.

Now it seems there's been a bit of a development.

It seems that the Agera R BLT never quite made it to its intended customer, having been waylaid just recently by Chinese government authorities. Customs officials took hold of the exotic, claiming that the owner was attempting to smuggle the car into the country as a way of avoiding paying import tax on the thing.

Now, no one likes to pay taxes, but we're almost inclined to agree with the owner on this one. The source at CarNewsChina.com indicates that the pre-tax cost of the Koenigsegg would amount to the equivalent of $2.35 million – meanwhile other sources in the Chinese media report that the tax-included price of the car is more like 30 million yuan, or $4.7 million. No word yet on what the fine for this level of tax evasion will be.

The Agera bust is just one highlight of a much larger anti-smuggling campaign going down in China right now. Here's hoping that the heat dies down a bit, restitution is made, and that car and billionaire are blissfully united (we're suckers for a happy ending).

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