The 1,185-horsepower Koenigsegg Agera R costs $2 million. Still, those who enter the seven-figure club are known to spend far more than mere MSRP because they can't risk their multimillion-dollar car being just like someone else's multimillion-dollar car. That's why Koenigsegg has a customization division called BLT. We don't know what that stands for, but are fairly certain it has nothing to do with delicious sandwiches.

To showcase the level of available customization, we present this Koenigsegg Agera R BLT. Built for a customer in China, its carbon body is tinted blue and set off with red pinstriping. Inside, there's lots of blue leather and blue cross-stitching to go with "many other unique features chosen by its owner."

We love the bodywork, but for a company that charges $28,000 for a Thule rooftop cargo box and $11,700 for winter wheels and tires for the Agera R, the price for this kind of personalization must be stupefying. Luckily, having a good look at it in our image gallery is free.

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