In the 2013 Boxster, Porsche has created a supremely fun, supremely capable sports car. But is it good enough that it has negated the purpose of the 911? To address such a debate, Car and Driver has pitted the iconic 911 against the Boxster S in the latest edition of "Car and Driver: Abroad."

The gestation of the Boxster is essentially encapsulated in the opening line of the video: "People used to say that the Boxster was a poor man's Porsche, an imitation of the iconic 911, but the latest model has really come of age. In fact, it might now be the best sports car in the Porsche range." While that notion has become the topic of much debate, C/D is doing more than pondering as both cars are taken to the limit on the dragstrip and the racetrack.

Which Porsche is faster in a straight line? Which car can more quickly and accurately navigate a racetrack? You're just going to have to watch to find out! Check out the Porsche-centric comparo video below.

Porsche 911 Information

Porsche 911

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