A biker in Hong Kong shot video for 20 minutes riding an electric Brammo Enertia. Here's a few observations from viewing it, which you can do below:
  • The Enertia doesn't have a mild humming electric motor, like the Nissan Leaf. It's a piercing noise that cranks up while driving uphill and when picking up speed.
  • Hong Kong is not nearly as crowded as I expected, with the bike traveling smoothly from Kowloon Bay to Central Hong Kong. I expected jam-packed traffic in a country that's sold a lot of new cars to a workforce that's moved from countryside into the big cities. Of course, this video could have been filmed during downtime, perhaps on a Sunday afternoon.
  • This bike can travel about 80 miles on a charge with this type of freeway driving. After the 20-minute ride at between 55 and 75 miles per hour, it had 75 percent of the battery left. That's better than some of the other e-bikes on the market are getting.
  • The Enertia is different than the Brammo Empulse. It has no gears, and the engine rpm kept getting higher and higher. Not having to shift could come in handy when stuck in dense traffic and needing a smoother ride.
  • There's supposed to be ton of e-bikes on Chinese streets, but not many of them show up in this video.
Notice anything else?

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