A 29-year-old man was arrested last week after driving along Interstate 85 near Buford, Georgia with his girlfriend on the hood of his Jeep Cherokee. Jonathon Lozano Salas and his girlfriend reportedly got into an argument on September 18, and while it isn't clear how the woman ended up on the hood of Salas' Jeep, the 911 calls started pouring in once he drove onto the interstate.

Fortunately, a group of Good Samaritan motorists acted fast before the woman could be hurt or, more likely, killed. In the cell phone picture above, you can see the woman's silhouette through the windshield and her head just peeking over the roof, and according to one witness, Salas was driving on I-85 at about 80 miles per hour. One of the concerned drivers followed the Jeep for at least nine miles while on the phone with 911 and eventually several other motorists formed a rolling roadblock to get Salas to safely slow down before police arrived.

The incident, which police called an outrageous case of domestic abuse, happened about 30 miles north of Atlanta, and Salas was arrested and faces charges of felony aggravated assault, reckless conduct and simple battery.

Since the video can't be embedded, be sure to head over to WSBTV to check out the news report.

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