When robots finally assert their dominance over the human race, we imagine the hive mind overlord will probably look something like the creation in the video below. Hyundai crafted a unique three-sided video screen composed of small Styrofoam blocks. Each block can travel on a horizontal axis thanks to its own pneumatic piston and logic board. The result is a massive creation called the Hyper-Matrix, which can double as a projector screen. The blocks can be computer controlled to create just about any design or work in conjunction with whatever video is being played on the surface.

The finished product is as beautiful as it is terrifying. We can just imagine the cubes adopting the guise of the giant, disembodied baby face from the Matrix trilogy just before the Sonata sedans of the world stand up in revolt. Check the food stores in your basement/bunker, and then check out the Hyper-Matrix in action in the video below.

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