Watch this world-record parade of 964 Ferrari models prancing at Silverstone

Five years ago, Ferrari entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the Largest Parade of Ferrari Cars. They sandwiched 385 Prancing Horses to trot around the UK's Silverstone Circuit, thereby fulfilling the requirements of driving at least two miles no further than two car lengths apart, with a Guinness rep on hand to count the cars at the beginning and the end of lap. The record was broken a year later when 490 Ferraris lapped Japan's Suzuka circuit. This year we heard Ferrari UK was trying to do retake the crown at the Silverstone Classic, but with a nice, round 1,000 cars.

The Classic was held over the weekend, and the organizers charge got admirably close to the target: as certified by Guinness, 964 Ferraris traipsed around Silverstone on Saturday and set a record that will probably stand at least another four years. Sure, they got a little leeway with that two car-lengths rule, but nobody's quibbling in light of the spectacle of $162 million worth of sports cars with a combined displacement of 5,000 liters showing off 493,150 slow-rolling horsepower.

Factory Formula One hotshoe Felipe Massa led the impressive procession in a 458 Spider. Check it out the cavalcade in the videos below.

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