Say this about the residents of Prince George's County, Maryland: they really don't like speed cameras. According to the Washington Post, disgruntled citizens have shot at a camera with a gun, set one on fire and even, allegedly, fired glass marbles in a speed camera's direction.

The solution? Another set of cameras, naturally.

In a meta moment of governmental decision making that we think that Xzibit meme-makers are bound to enjoy, officials in the Washington, D.C. suburb are positioning cameras to monitor wellbeing of the speed cameras.

So far, one of the new cameras has been installed, with some dozen more planned. Officials contend that the loss of a speed camera is expensive – sources cite a replacement cost of between $30,000 and $100,000 for each unit – as well as creating a safety hazard in the community. No figures were provided for the cost of installing the speed-camera-monitoring camera, however.

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