McLaren channeled its inner Tron for a new supercar teaser. The quick clip, titled "McLaren vs Aerodynamics" shows little more than a few beams of light skittering around the shape of a car. As you may recall, the company is set to unveil its next model at the rapidly approaching Paris Motor Show. Details are about as scarce as hen's teeth at the moment, but word has it that the P12 may boast an 800-horsepower variant of the same twin-turbo V8 found at the heart of the MP4-12C. In addition to the gasoline mill, the P12 is rumored to make use of a powerful kinetic energy recovery system good for an extra 200-hp bump.

Look for more information to become available once the P12 debuts in Paris on September 27. Until then, check out the teaser video below for a better look.

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