Once in a while, many motorists experience a moment that defies their depth perception.

They're driving behind a vehicle carrying cargo that hangs off the back end -- and it takes an extra second or two for a person to discern that there's a difference in distance between the brake lights at the rear of the vehicle and whatever is hanging off the back.

Most of the time, a firm application of the brakes takes care of the quandary. But as you'll see in the video above, there's the occasional situation where the tailgating vehicle doesn't get off so easily and things go awry. The vehicle in this video, mounted with a dash cam, is driving behind a truck carrying a crane along a street and Taiwan and improbably gets hooked and taken for a ride.

Not much is known about the incident, which was first unearthed by CarScoop.com. But it appears the only damage was to the vehicle being accidentally towed, and no one was hurt.

Funny stuff to look at. But do you know what you need to know about emerging technology in vehicles today such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warnings, collision-avoidance systems that you may want to have to avoid issues like this? AOL Autos has a hub of articles we add to every month called Techsplanations, which explains these new technologies in the simplest terms so you know what you are buying.


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