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Blake Gresham, an 18-year-old tow truck driver in Kansas City, Missouri, was tragically killed on August 27 while he was helping a stranded motorist. Gresham's death brings attention to the "Move Over" law that has been passed in most states, and to further raise awareness for this law and honor the fallen driver, a procession of tow trucks traveled from Grandview, Missouri to his final resting place in Liberty, Missouri.

While "Move Over" laws differ state to state, they are meant to move traffic away from or slow down vehicles passing vehicles parked on the side of the road. In Missouri, the law only applies to vehicles with red or blue lights, which means it doesn't apply to tow trucks equipped with amber lights. Gresham's family, owners of GT Towing where he had worked, have started a nonprofit organization called Move Over for Blake with the goal of making the roads and shoulders safer for tow truck drivers and emergency personnel. Making Gresham's incident even more dangerous, the vehicle he had responded to was located on a bridge, meaning the shoulder had even less space for him to work safely. No information was released on the driver who hit Gresham or whether he or she will face any charges.

Close to 200 tow trucks made the procession which was captured in the 13-minute video. Scroll down to see the entire procession (which starts at about the 2:00 mark of the video).

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