The third annual electric cross-country, 800-kilometer race known as E-miglia took place from August 12 to 16 through the mountains of Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Thirty-two participants lined up to demonstrate the possibilities of electric propulsion and, for 31 of them, the mission was to knock Tesla Motors out of first place. The California-based EV maker provided the cars that took first place in the past two years, so the big question was: could Tesla be beat this time?

In the car class, the Mini E, Mercedes E-Cell, Nissan Leaf, Peugeot iOn took on the Tesla Roadster. As for e-motorcycles, Zerotracer, Zero Motorcycles and others raced for the title.

Their first stop, after a 72-km prologue, was in Salzburg, where competitors were provided with solar-powered recharging at the city's Convention Centre. The second phase of the race covered 120 km and was eco-focused, where drivers earned points for being energy efficient. During the course of the race, cars and bikes traveled an average of 200 km per day to make it through to the finish line.

And the winner was? Well, the same model as last year: LG Solar's Tesla Roadster, followed by the Mercedes A-Class E-Cell and then a Mini E. The best bike was a 2012 Zero Motorcycles DS, which finished eighth overall. A video of the event is available below.

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