Police in Dubai have been cracking down on illegal racing by seizing modified vehicles, but they probably didn't expect to find themselves in pursuit of a full-size SUV supposedly capable of speeds of more than 200 miles per hour. The driver had altered his Nissan Patrol to allow it to run on "jet fuel", according to the report, and he put it all to the test when he tried running from the cops.

The report says that the unnamed driver had spent around $68,000 (U.S dollars) to equip his Nissan Patrol, closely related to the Infiniti QX here in the United States, with the new fuel tank (we'd assume it's really aviation fuel for piston engines) along with plenty of engine and body upgrades, but it isn't clear what exact modifications were made to allow this full-size SUV to run on the high-test fuel or be capable of hitting speeds comparable to a supercar. Regardless, the modifications couldn't stand up to whatever stopping devices police in Duabi use to end pursuits (referred to as speedbreakers), and after a "Hollywood-style" high-speed police chase that ended in a residential neighborhood, the suspect was apprehended.

The pilot was charged with reckless driving, unlawful car modifications, expired registration and resisting police, and he told police that his vehicle was modified at a local garage and that some of his friends had spent upwards of $80,000 USD for similar upgrades. We've all seen the crazy videos coming out of the Middle East of reckless drivers on public roads, and Dubai Police had apparently been cracking down on these drivers especially hard during the month of Ramadan. In that time (July 19 through August 18), police had seized more than 120 vehicles and are said to be investigating an additional 1,700.

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