It's never pleasant to run across a story of an elderly driver plowing through a group of innocent pedestrians, but here we are. This time 100-year-old Preston Carter lost control of his Cadillac Sedan de Ville, drove up on the sidewalk and injured 11 people across the street from Main Street Elementary School, which had just let out.

Carter, who turns 101 on September 5, said his brakes failed when he hit the group of kids waiting to be picked up by parents, but a witness said that he had put his car into reverse just before running over the curb into the crowd of people. Four kids were trapped under the car, and people nearby were able to lift the car up to get them to safety. In total, nine school kids and two adults were injured and taken to the hospital, and four of the victims were in critical condition. None of the injuries were life-threatening, according to a report by the local CBS affiliate, KCAL.

When asked why he is still driving, Carter simply said, "They gave me the license." Scroll down for the news report.

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