The Grotti Cheetah returns in Grand Theft Auto V [w/video]

Who doesn't welcome the return of a monstrosity called the Grotti Cheetah? After appearing in Grand Theft Auto III and the two Vice City and Liberty City stories, the vaguely Ferrari Testarossa-esque sports car with the incomparable handling and braking – but a distinct dislike for curbs – disappeared from GTA IV.

GTA V will see its return, the Cheetah prowling the streets of a fictionalized SoCal locale called Los Santos. Befitting the location, the Cheetah's also had some plastic surgery in the interim, shedding its Prancing Horse-face for something akin to a French concept car that did the nasty with a Mitsubishi Eclipse. At least, that's what we think from the single shot we have of it.

No complaints, though. As for transport, Rockstar Games released a trio of shots that show the Cheetah will be joined by a fighter jet with a bag of missiles and a bicycle with no visible brakes. In case you need a reminder of the good times shortly ahead, the GTA V trailer is just below.

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