It's practically impossible to explain the scope of the Woodward Dream Cruise that takes place every summer in Detroit to someone who's never witnessed it themselves. Here at Autoblog, we've tried using image galleries, stationary camera feeds and even a live stream attached to a Chrysler minivan in an attempt to bring Woodward coverage to the masses. Sadly, none of these efforts has proven particularly successful at conveying the actual happenings.

Watch the video down below and you'll understand why. There are miles and miles of roadway with as many as five lanes of traffic clogged with every kind of car imaginable – modern machines and classic creations on two and four wheels from American, European and Japanese manufacturers. Adding to the spectacle are a few hundred thousand spectators lining Woodward Avenue or driving their cars through the traffic. Don't forget that the Detroit Three all have some sort of official presence, too, and did we mention that it starts early in the morning and lasts until well past bedtime?

That explanation out of the way, allow us to congratulate Autoweek on its inventive idea: a radio-controlled helicopter with a professional pilot. While we still firmly believe that the Woodward Dream Cruise needs to be witnessed live for the full effect, the aerial coverage you'll see below may be the next best thing.

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