We've been watching episodes of Jay Leno's Garage for a good long while now, but we can honestly say this is the first clip that's actually riled more than a chuckle. Adam Carolla stopped by with his 1966 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2, and while Leno isn't much of a Ferrari fan, he has an appreciation for older metal of any origin. The show starts off on the right foot as the two curmudgeon comedians lament the lack of auto interest among the younger generation and Leno bemoans how complicated modern Ferrari models are. But the real hilarity kicks in once the two take to the road.

Not long into the drive, the 330 GT 2+2 runs out of gas. We're not sure whether that's more embarrassing for Carolla, who drove the car to the Big Dog Garage, or Leno, who promptly took the keys. Either way, the Ferrari gets back on course with a little help from a five-gallon jug of fuel. Before long, a second issue rears its head: the speedometer begins wailing due to lack of lubrication. That wail eventually vibrates the gauge enough to shake the needle itself free from the face. Hilarity ensues. Check it out for yourself.

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