Let's be honest: The current Mitsubishi lineup here in the United States is mediocre at best. More to the point, its small car offerings like the aging Lancer and miserable i-MiEV are some of the slowest-selling cars in two of the most highly shopped segments. And with no replacements or updates for either in sight, things indeed look bleak.

But that doesn't mean new Mitsu metal won't be hitting our shores. Automotive News reports that the Japanese automaker is once again mulling bringing its new Mirage small car to the U.S., especially in light of its lofty goal of producing 500,000 examples of the small car around the world next year.

The Mirage indeed has attributes that would make it attractive to U.S. small car buyers. For starters, its 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine and continuously variable transmission work together to achieve the equivalent of 64 miles per gallon. And with its low price of ¥998,000 – about $12,550 based on current exchange rates – it could easily slot into the super-small car segment now occupied by the Scion iQ and Chevrolet Spark.

If the Mirage does get the green light for U.S. sales, it's hard to say exactly how quickly the cars will make their way Stateside. In speaking to Automotive News, Mitsubishi's president, Osamu Masuko, only said that, "We have to make a decision soon."

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