Nearly the entire auto industry has finally caught up with the world of consumer electronics, offering a way to connect the iPod/iPhone – be it via USB, Bluetooth or official Apple connector – in most new cars. The 30-pin Apple connector was first incorporated in a car by BMW in 2004 and was significant because it meant inclusion of a connector that only works for a single brand's products.

Automakers like Audi and Volkswagen also offer an iPhone-spec cable, allowing access to your music through the car's own audio system and changing tracks on the steering wheel controls.

Now, prepare to be frustrated.
Now that everyone finally offers the same cable for the iPhone, Apple may reportedly move to a 19-pin connector that is smaller than the current 30-pin cable. If the reports are true, then the new iPhone 5 will be instantly incompatible with the built-in 30-pin connectors that come equipped in Kia, Hyundai and Nissan vehicles.

It may not be cause for a total freak out, as most vehicles on the market offer integrated USB ports, which can accept any cable where at least one end is USB. As long as Apple doesn't decide to piss everyone off and move away from as USB on the non-iPhone end, you will still be able to connect the next-gen iPhone this way.

Additionally, most new vehicles come equipped with Bluetooth, and an increasing number of these vehicles allow for streaming music. If all else fails, you can tell the new 19-pin connector to take a hike and stream your music wirelessly.

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