While this really doesn't qualify as "news," the above photo still has us excited enough to share. It's the first official image of the new 2013 SRT Viper with stripes. You see, we were a bit nonplussed when the Viper debuted at the New York Auto Show without its trademark livery. Perhaps it was to better focus attention on the sheetmetal's new curves, but we still missed seeing the lines down the middle on the show stand.

Chrysler has rectified that as shown in this single image of a red example on SRT's Facebook page. According to the caption, the example seen here is an engineering prototype undergoing dry-track stability control testing, an evaluation it apparently passed "with flying colors."

We're also reminded of a little tidbit that Chrysler design boss and SRT brand manager Ralph Gilles recently shared with us that he's quite proud about: The 2013 Viper's stripes will be worn underneath the clearcoat, not above. That's a change from the past model, and should result in both a better appearance and improved wear. The new stripes will be available in white as shown, but also in black and gunmetal pearl as cost options.

We're looking forward to seeing this car in GTS Blue Pearl with white stripes, as not only was the blue/white combo borderline iconic on previous GTS iterations, it also did a striking job of representing America's international racing colors.

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