Amazing LeMay Museum gets the eGarage treatment

It's a bold step for an institution to brand itself as "America's Car Museum." As a nation obsessed with anything and everything automotive, our tastes are about as varied as they could possibly be. The curators behind the LeMay Museum in Tacoma, Washington seem to understand that, and have collected a rotating stable of machines that include everything from the mighty Ferrari F40 to over-the-top lowriders. Nearly every era and nation of automotive engineering shows its face in one form or another, resulting in a melting pot of cardom. Very cool.

The guys from eGarage recently stopped by to give the museum a once over, focusing their well-trained lenses on the rash of classic metal found inside. If you can't make it to the Pacific Northwest to see the LeMay Museum for yourself, this is probably the next best thing. Check out the quick video below to have a look.

LeMay Museum: America's Car Museum from eGarage on Vimeo.

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