"Don't drive drunk." That's the message every government, charity and local organization wants to get out during the Fourth of July holiday. It's sound advice, too, even from a potty mouth.

According to The Detroit News, the state of Michigan has bought 400 talking urinal cakes that will remind men that if they've had a few drinks, they shouldn't drive.

"Listen up. That's right, I'm talking to you. Had a few drinks? Maybe a few too many?" the urinal cake says after being activated by a tiny motion sensor in it. "Then do yourself and everyone else a favor: Call a sober friend or a cab. Oh, and don't forget to wash your hands."

The brainchild of the Maryland-based Wizmark, which has broken new ground with its electronic urinal advertising devices, the $21 talking cake is part of a bigger campaign to promote safe holiday driving.

Scroll down to check out the lecturing urinal cake in action.

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