The Honda Fit EV, which starts leasing on the West Coast later this month, uses components from Honda's four-year-old Clarity hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle to boost the EV's single-charge range, Bloomberg reports.

Electric-motor controllers and air-conditioning are among the Clarity parts used in the Fit EV, Bloomberg said, citing Honda senior chief engineer Sachito Fujimoto. The Clarity's braking system, which recaptures some of the energy from braking at applies it to available electric power, is also used in the Fit EV. Such components allow for the Fit to have a smaller lithium-ion battery pack than the ones used in the Ford Focus Electric and Nissan Leaf.

Last month, the Fit EV was given an EPA-rated 118 miles-per-gallon equivalent rating – the highest given out by the agency. The Fit EV's single-charge range was estimated at 82 miles, the longest of any non-Tesla U.S. production vehicle, behind the Coda Sedan.

Honda said last week that the Fit EV will be available for lease in California and Oregon for $389 a month, which is $60 a month more than the Leaf leases for, and $140 a month more than the Mitsubishi i's lease terms.

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Honda Fit

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