Amazingly tiny 3D-printed cars have moving wheels, opening doors

If you haven't taken a second lift your head and look around, we have news for you: we live in the future. This is a world where we can bark orders into a small handheld device and instantly get answers. One where we can sketch up a design on a computer, press print and a machine will carve it out in exacting detail as many times as we like. Now someone has figured out how to scale-down 3D printing to create even smaller designs. How small? How about a 1 centimeter-long plastic car with functioning doors and rolling wheels?

Yeah. That's pretty amazing.

The cars are so small two of them can fit happily on a dime without worrying about dinging each other with the doors open. If 1-cm car is too small for you needs, the same team has worked up 2-cm and a 4-cm versions. Check out the brief video below to see the coolness.

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